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Photovoltaic inverters can only generate electricity during the day, and the power generation is affected by the weather, which is unpredictable. To solve the above problems, the use of solar energy storage solutions can solve the problem: when the load is low, the output power is stored with batteries , Release the stored electric energy during peak load, reduce the pressure on the grid; when the grid fails, it can switch to the off-grid mode to continue power supply. Solar energy storage inverters can effectively overcome the limitations of existing solar inverters that can only be connected to the grid for power generation, and off-grid inverters are limited in load power consumption when the sun is weak, and can effectively improve the equipment's ability to use solar energy. Utilization efficiency, especially suitable for occasions where the power grid is unstable or the power supply cost of the power grid is high.



1. Universality: The self-use rate of traditional photovoltaic inverters is only 20%, while the self-use rate of energy storage inverters is as high as 80%;

2. High Efficiency: When the mains fails, the grid-connected inverter is paralyzed, but the energy storage inverter can still work efficiently;

3. Better profitability: Under the background of continuous reduction of subsidies for grid-connected power generation, the income of energy storage inverters is higher than that of photovoltaic inverters;

4. Overcoming limitations: Photovoltaic inverters can only generate electricity during the day, and the power generation will be affected by the weather, which has unforeseen problems, while solar energy storage inverters can better solve the existing problems of photovoltaic inverters.

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