Pure sine wave inverters output high-quality AC power as good as the grid. For inductive loads such as refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, electric lights, electric drills, etc., whose starting power is more than two or three times the rated power, pure sine wave inverters should be used. If you insist on using a relatively poor square wave inverter or a modified sine wave inverter to drive such inductive loads, it will cause serious damage to the load and the inverter.

A frequency converter is used to convert the direct current (DC) of the battery into alternating current (AC) for daily electrical appliances.

Many people doesn’t know main differences between low frequency converter and high-frequency off-grid solar converter. Below are points for them :

1.DC to AC converter with low frequency is much stronger for inductive loads like fan, motor and air conditioner etc... If there are more inductive loads then it is better to choose the low frequency converter.

2.Usually low frequency converter is with transformer and without it for high frequency converter.

3.For same power size the weight of low frequency converter is more heavy than high frequency one.

4.Stability of low frequency converter is much higher than high frequency one .

After you fast understand the precise power needs, you should always consider cutting unnecessary costs. Due to any inverter will more or less has a loss at 5%-10% approx. When you trying to use an underpowered unit to run, it probably can damage your inverter and accessories, occur to overloads, even cause irreparable problems. If the power required is 2000 watts, you should go for an inverter that generates at least 2500 to 3000 watts when operating normally.

In an off grid solar power system, the role of the off grid solar inverter charger is to convert the DC power converted by the photovoltaic panel and stored in the battery into AC power for use by the AC load. The full name of the solar controller is the solar charge and discharge controller. Its function is to control the multi-channel photovoltaic panel to charge the battery and control the battery to supply power to the solar off-grid inverter. The functions of the two are completely different.

The ground power station, the inverter on the roof, or the system above 100K can choose the data collector. The inverter is installed in the house, and WIFI monitoring can be selected for small systems.

Refer to the temperature power coefficient of the component, the higher the temperature, the lower the power and the lower the voltage.

According to the customer's country and the corresponding temperature, properly adjust the number of module strings so that the system can operate well within the MPPT voltage range and achieve the best power generation effect.

DC combiner box: Not suitable for systems above 100K, but available for systems below 100K. Surge protection (SPD), fuses, circuit breakers.

AC combiner box: multiples of 2 as far as possible, 2 in and 1 out, 4 in and 1 out, 6 in and 1 out, the main function is to combine multiple inverters, reduce and facilitate wiring. circuit breaker, spd.

Yes, look at it as two different systems.

Home Solar Inverter is a device converted direct current power to standard household alternating current power. The following parameters can help you choose the right one: Rated power, Input and output voltage, Input frequency, waveform, and Efficiency.

Rated power: Inverter used to run appliances, so the rated power based on the whole rated power that you want to run.

Input and output voltage: Input voltage works by battery\'s drawing power, typically, is 12V 24V 48V 96V 192V 220V 240V 384V. Output voltage based on Standard country voltage.

Input frequency: 45Hz -65Hz. Commonly used for 50 Hz or 60 Hz.

Waveform: Pure sine wave, modified sine wave and square wave. A pure sine wave inverter can provide a nice pure and smooth sine wave current, It's better for running the appliances.

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